Stay Safe Over The Holiday Season With Glasfit’s Motor Solutions

As we enter the festive season and look ahead to the new year, Glasfit aims to help keep South Africans safe, secure and protected on the country’s roads by offering multiple motor solutions.

With most nationwide fitment centres remaining open over this period (aside from public holidays), certified technicians will be on hand to apply anti-smash and grab film and motor glass tinting.

If you’re spending time on the roads over the holidays, tinting offers greater privacy, increases glass strength, prevents glare and keeps the interior of your vehicle cool.

It also reduces the harsh effects of sunlight and associated UV rays when you and your family are driving in the car, as well as on your upholstery and interior surfaces.

And if the new year means a move to new surroundings, particularly for students and young adults travelling in their first cars, anti-smash and grab film can offer additional security to ensure peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Although not totally impenetrable, Glasfit’s anti-smash and grab solution can also help protect you and your passengers from flying glass in the event of an accident.

If not applied correctly, the film can crack, peel, bubble or separate from the glass, so come to Glasfit these holidays. Our product quality and workmanship are guaranteed!