Side and Rear Glass

Expanding our product offering to meet your budget.

At Glasfit, meeting your ever evolving needs is a priority. With this in mind we’ve expanded our product range to offer you a greater variety of side and rear glass.

Now, not only do we fit Shatterprufe® (manufacturer of Armourplate® motor glass), but we also fit Benson and Fuyao, two highly regarded Chinese brands.

Armourplate®, Benson and Fuyao are our choice of glass brands because each:
  • Remains true to our guarantee of quality
  • Offers real value-for-money
  • Is manufactured according to the highest safety and quality standards in the industry, and
  • Is approved by most SA insurers as a replacement glass part in policyholders’ vehicles.
Whatever your budget, we have the perfect motor glass for you.

Shatterprufe Armourplate® products are available at fitment centres countrywide. Benson and Fuyao products are available at selected fitment centres. Our experienced technicians will correctly fit and expertly secure your window glass—either at your premises or at one of our fitment centres.

As an added benefit, we offer a 12-month national guarantee on the fitment of any motor glass product in addition to the manufacturer’s own product warranty.

We’re ready to assist you!