Our Partners

We are who we work with.

Glasfit has earned our good reputation in the glass fitment industry because we won’t compromise on your safety. 

This is why we are proudly affiliated with: Trust our workmanship and our products. Together with our partners, we fit the best, best.


A highly regarded Chinese brand, Benson is a new addition to our supply list. Manufactured by Dongguan Benson Automobile Glass Co. Ltd., Benson offers Glasfit customers the option of choosing good quality windscreen or tempered sidelight glass at an affordable price.

Why Benson?
  • They are SABS approved
  • Their products carry a manufacturer’s product warranty
  • They are manufactured in China
  • Their products are exported to over 50 countries
  • They supply Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass to famous motor brands such as Nissan, Toyota and Fiat.


Fuyao is another new and well regarded motor glass supplier from China. Manufactured by Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Ltd., this highly affordable motor glass is engineered for safety.



Recognised as a world-leading provider of innovative and advanced GPS/GSM based vehicle tracking products, Ctrack is a vehicle tracking and fleet management company.

Why Ctrack?
  • They service over 50 countries
  • They have over 28 years of innovation, technical and implementation experience
  • They offer a robust range of asset management and monitoring systems which use GPS satellite, GSM cellular communication systems and other advanced communication and sensory technologies
  • They provide their customers with 24/7/365 monitoring of mobile assets.


Sika supplies and manufactures high-performance adhesives and sealants to the South African motor and building glass industry.

Why Sika?
  • They are world leaders in the development of bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protection products.


South Africa’s preferred windscreen manufacturer, Shatterprufe® is synonymous with the manufacture and supply of quality and safe auto glass.

Why Shatterprufe®?
  • They are SA’s premium auto glass supplier
  • They have 80 years’ experience in manufacturing windscreen, rear glass and side glass products
  • They are SABS approved
  • They supply Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass
  • They manufacture Shatterprufe® and Armourplate® glass, as well as Safevue windscreens
  • They supply auto glass to leading motor brands such as Toyota, VW, Renault, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ford, Mitsubishi, Mazda and GM.