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You’ll see the difference.

BlueChem Nano Car Glass Care is a world-renowned product, designed for a level of visibility that has to be seen to be believed. It’s like HD quality for your windscreen.

Engineered with Nanotechnology, it ensures optimal protection of your windscreen. It improves visibility in the rain or at night which makes driving safer. And, added to this, you’ll also use your windscreen wipers less when needing to remove insect and dirt residues.

The sealant lasts approximately 12 months and is resistant to steam cleaning, high pressure washing and mechanical car wash systems.

Fit BlueChem Nano Car Glass Care for:

  • enhanced clarity that improves driver reaction time
  • greater resistance to the impact of road debris
  • 35% better visibility in all conditions, and
  • less driver fatigue by filtering out ‘blue light’.

To experience the BlueChem difference, visit any Glasfit branch nationwide or call 0860 123 423 for more information.